Journalists, bloggers in Zambia commit to champion gender based violence

_q9a2604Journalists and bloggers in Lusaka, Zambia have committed to championing gender based violence through their reporting. They said they will continue to follow up and write more stories and conduct investigations to ensure the vice ends.

At a workshop convened in Lusaka to introduce A Real Man Is project, the journalists and bloggers were empowered on the Anti-Gender-Based Violence Act and National Action Plan Against Gender Based Violence. Mr. Kapilima Simon from the Gender Rights Protection department, Ministry of Gender took the participants through the two legal documents which provide the framework upon which violence against women campaigns is domiciled.

He implored on the media to highlight their work in order to reach the masses and catalyze change. Mr. Kapilima advised the participants to better acquaint themselves with the provisions of the law, to better write stories that are informative and compelling. He said this was critical to changing repugnant practices that deny women their right to dignity.

During the workshop, Purity Kaguthia from the Africa Alliance of YMCA explained the project, emphasizing that the participants play a core role in providing information to the public hence the need to do it informatively. She explained the project, A Real Man Is and the purpose behind it being to change the perceptions and unlock the potential of young people to be change agents.

The project is being implemented through the Subject to Citizen (S2C) philosophy being the backbone of all activities that are conducted in all national movements of YMCAs in Africa. S2C philosophy stresses the importance of young people having a voice, space and ability to influence their choices and the outcome of their lives as individuals and within their communities. S2C related initiatives are designed to unlock the potential of the youth and equip them with skills and confidence to transform themselves and other young people

For this philosophy to be made a reality it has three fundamental objectives to meet under which all activities fall;

Economic Renaissance – it strives to help the youth identify what brings about poverty in their homes and communities. Secondly, the young people are equipped with the adequate knowledge and necessary skills they need to resolve this challenge and better their lives by providing activities such as entrepreneurship training.

Civic action – this engages the youth transforming other youth to speak out about issues that affect them as young people by bringing those in authority on board. They make positive impact to affairs from school level to parliament.

Transformative Masculinity – it strives to empower the young people to make a paradigm shift from masculinity that focuses on dominance to one that is of mutual understanding and respect.

Later, the journalists and bloggers also endeavored to contribute content as part of the 16 days of activism campaign. This year, the focus will be around from peace in the home, to peace in the world. It will seek to put men at the center of ensuring that they safeguard and protect the human rights and dignity of women and desist from acts of violence against them. They are also to champion equality in society through their various spaces of comforts.


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