Civil society groups condemn rape and attempted murder of Irene Aisha in Kibarani, Mombasa


Civil society groups under the Africa UNiTE Kenya Chapter have condemned the physical assault, rape and attempted murder of Ms. Irene Aisha Syongula by men in Kibarani, Mombasa on 16 February, 2017. Speaking to the media, they said that the assault by perpetrators reportedly known to her is the latest testament to the growing impunity and disregard to human rights in Kenya.

“The grave injuries that she has sustained are physical mental and emotional and completely offend her right to life, health, dignity and freedom from violence as guaranteed in the Constitution of Kenya,” read the statement in part.

The asked that the Inspector General of Police immediately to launch serious and credible investigations into the assault of Irene Aisha and the Director of Public Prosecutions immediately proceeds to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, everyone involved in the assault of Irene Aisha.

Irene, a 23-year-old mother of two children was accosted at night while she was heading back home after attending a funeral meeting in Kibarani when two people known to her accosted and raped her in turns. She was raped, beaten and slashed with a machete then tied to a railway track in the coast city.

When interviewed in hospital, she said “After finishing with me, they told me that they wanted to finish me off so that I will not follow them up.”

They also condemned all forms of violence against women and particularly the growing culture of tolerance for pervasive violence against women, children and men.

Africa UNiTE is the regional component of the United Nations Secretary General’s (SG) Global Campaign and a continent-wide partnership to end all violence against women and girls. The ultimate goal of Africa UNiTE is to mobilize and support governments in fulfilling their commitments to end violence against women and girls.


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