Celebrating Fatherhood

By Diane Doris

Father’s day! A special time in the year when we come together to celebrate the different male figures in our lives. Every so often, most of us rarely take time to recognize and appreciate male figures in our lives who are continuously making an effort to impact the lives of those around them positively. There have been several incidences on Social Media, Twitter to be specific where males are generalized and termed as “trash”. This has created a stereotype, viewing all men as villains yet there are many who are contrary to this.

Chris Oluoch is a single father living in Nairobi and is a father of three. He has been a single dad for the past ten months and shared some insights on the challenges he faces. He affirmed that being a single dad is a great challenge but he has tasked himself to find a driving force to help him cope every day. Chris stated that his current motivation is the family goals his late wife set for the family before her demise. “We have family meetings whenever there is need to resolve issues with my children”, Chris explained. The family always refers to their family goals when faced with challenges and the approach has been helpful according to Chris.

Being a single father is not an easy task, and comes with several challenges. Chris explained that taking up the role of a mother to his children as well as being a father is difficult. Also, managing his children’s expectations, balancing work and his parental responsibility is a major trial. Being a single father has encouraged him to keep close contact with his children which has helped strengthen their relationship. Chris stated that they frequently go on family vacations and visit family and friends together and this has helped strengthen his bond with his children.

Chris had a few words of encouragement for other single fathers out there. He urged them to remain focused and create enough time for the kids and help them understand that even though their mother is not there, fathers can still take up the role of both parents and life must go on.

Experiences of individuals like Chris, is an encouragement to society that single fathers are taking up the challenge to become better parents to their children in the absence of their wives. It is also a challenge for men with children to establish relationships with their children, during and after father’s day. His shared experiences and challenges gives us hope that there is faith in fatherhood and serves as an encouragement to all fathers and fathers to-be that they too can be a positive example for the society.

As we reflect on the celebrations of Father’s Day this year, remember to continue appreciating the male figures in your life who are present and make a valuable difference. Encourage them to become better men. Continue sounding the rallying call to restore faith in fatherhood through sharing your story of why you have faith, especially with the current social challenges faced in society.

Faith shared is hope awakened.

Happy father’s day!


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