Normalizing rape culture is regressive

Christine Wandiema

 Turning sexual assault, rape and other forms of Violence Against Women into an entertainment, or all together ignoring or trivializing these crimes is sickening.

We recently live in a society where we breathe in the rape culture like air. Rape has been normalized to a point where jokes around rape are being thrown and made fun of; forgetting it’s a serious issue that deserve to be handled with the seriousness it deserves.

Four days ago, Capital FM Production Manager Joe Muchiri, posted a hateful and chauvinistic remark on a WhatsApp group comprising of artists and entertainers called “I Love 254 Music”.

Screenshots of him saying a lady should be raped with cactus because she did not want to support a Kenyan artist nominated for MTV-EMA hit the interwebs.

When did we start normalizing rape as a society!

Tolerating such kind of behaviour perpetuates rape, thereby creating a society that disregards and undermines women’s rights and safety.

Being desensitized to rape and using a language that degrades women in such a manner diminishes our efforts towards ending the rape culture in our society. It glorifies the vice!

Regardless of their actions, no one deserves to be physically, verbally or sexually abused. There are better avenues to solve this.

We therefore all need to stand up against the vice and shun all activities or behaviours that propagate rape, since it’s one of the most terrible crimes that happens every few minutes on earth.

This retrogressive culture has long been seen as a women’s issue and that cannot be. Doing something to stop it has to involve men talking to other men.

Educating women about how to defend themselves only forms part of the solution. What really needs to be done is going to the source and starting from there. This entails teaching men not to rape, not to spat utterances that propagate rape and to respect women in the society.

Real men don’t tolerate rape.


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